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Book Buyback

Need extra cash?  Sell your books back to the bookstore!

Buyback FAQ’s:

When can I sell my books back?
We buy books back year-round for a wholesale book company. During finals we buy books to resell in the bookstore. There is no book buyback during break weeks and the first week of each semester. Please check the Bookstore homepage for more specific dates for each semester. You will need a photo ID, your student ID number, and any supplemental items that came with the book, such as CD’s or study guides.

How much will I get for my books?
Wholesale value is based on national supply and demand and, therefore, is determined by the wholesale company.  The Belmont College Bookstore has no control over wholesale value.

If a book is being used again for the upcoming term, the bookstore will pay 40% of the new price during the retail buy conducted during finals week if the following conditions are met:

  • We have received notification from faculty that it is being used for the upcoming term
  • It is in resalable condition, as determined by the bookstore staff 
  • The bookstore needs more of that title.  We can only buy those quantities we feel we can resell

What is considered resalable condition?
Limited writing and highlighting are acceptable, but filled-in answers, bent covers, and any water damage are not.

Why doesn’t my book have any value?
The most common reason is that that particular book has gone or is going to a new edition.  Other factors are national supply and demand and condition of the book.

Why do I need a photo ID?
We require ID as a security measure to track stolen books.

Why should I sell my books back?
Book buyback is a win-win for you, other students, and the bookstore.  You get cash while providing a used book for other students.  For some books, the only way the bookstore can get used copies is by buying them from students.  The bookstore benefits by purchasing used books without having to pay shipping costs, saving the college, and ultimately you the students, money.


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