Belmont College

Book Buying Tips

Shop Early

  • Books are usually available for purchase approximately two weeks before the start of each semester.  Financial aid purchases can be made when you receive your Admit to Class Slip some time during the break.  To avoid crowds and enjoy the best selection of used books, shop early!

How to Find Your Books

  • Bring your Admit to Class Slip and photo ID.
  • Books are arranged alphabetically by course code, beginning with “A” at the door.  Using your Admit to Class Slip, locate the shelf tag for your course, and the book will be above the shelf tag.
  • The shelf tag will tell you the following:
    • Price for new and used
    • Whether the book is required or recommended
    • How many books are required for that class
    • Whether any supplies are required
    • If there is a special requirement for your specific section

Used Books

  • We make every effort to obtain as many used books as we can.
  • If a used copy is available, it will be on the shelf; we don’t have any back stock.
  • Used books are sold “As Is”, so be sure to check the book’s condition. Because we can’t possibly check every used book we receive, it is in your best interest to do so for buyback value purposes.

Once You Have Made Your Purchase

  • Keep your receipt!  You never know what could occur to create a need to return a book.
  • Check for supplemental materials such as CDs and access codes.  Don’t throw these away! Even though you may not use them right away, you will need them later in the semester, and many of them are unavailable or more expensive to purchase individually.
  • Don’t open shrink wrapped books or write in your books until you are sure you need them.  Once opened or written in, they are not returnable.
  • For security purposes, it is a good idea to establish a personal code and write it in a hidden place in your book.  If that book is stolen, you can report the theft to us and we will enter your “code” and page number in our system. If the thief tries to sell it back, our system will prompt us to check the designated page number for your code.  If it’s there, we’ve caught the thief!
  • Returns can be made with receipt by the date posted on the Financial Aid Refund Schedule for the semester for which they were purchased provided books are in original purchase condition.  Please verify with your instructor that the text will actually be used before this period ends.

Bookstore Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday
8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday
8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Sat & Sun: Closed

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