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Understanding Financial Aid and Your Belmont College Bookstore Purchases

We want to help ensure that your books and supplies purchase experience goes as smoothly as possible.  The following is some information that will help you understand the process and policies.

Getting Started

  • You need to meet with a financial aid advisor each semester; your information does not automatically update.
  • If you have WIA, it is especially important that you meet with Financial Aid before purchasing your books.  Otherwise, you could be responsible for the sales tax.
  • To purchase your books, you must have your Admit to Class slip and a photo ID.  This includes your financial aid information as well as your class schedule, which helps us to confirm that you have the correct books and supplies.
  • You must be present yourself to purchase your books.  You cannot have someone else buy your books, even with your Admit to Class slip.

Allowed Purchases for Most Forms of Financial Aid

  • Required or recommended books for classes in which you are enrolled.  This is indicated on the shelf tag in the Bookstore.
  • Required supplies as indicated by the department chair or instructor, along with textbook information.  These are also noted on the shelf tag.
  • Required fees, such as ATI exam and fingerprinting.
  • Miscellaneous school supplies as allowed by your particular financial package.  The amount allowed is also determined by your particular financial aid.
  • Please note that some forms of financial aid will not cover supplies, even if required.

Non-eligible Items

  • Non-required books
  • Books or supplies for a class you aren’t enrolled in
  • Clothing and gift items

Return Policy

  • Financial aid transactions must be completed by the date indicated on the Financial Aid Refund Schedule posted on the Financial Aid page.  After that date, there are no returns or purchases allowed.
  • Returns will be credited back to your financial aid account if charged to the account.
  • Returns are accepted with receipt only and in original purchase condition (e.g. still in shrink wrap if purchased that way).

Recap of Important Points

  • Meet with a financial aid advisor before each semester.
  • Purchases and returns are allowed until the date posted on the Financial Aid Refund Schedule.
  • Bring your Admit to Class slip and photo ID with each purchase.
  • You must have a receipt for returns and items must be unopened if bought that way.
  • You must be present for any financial aid transactions.
  • Financial aid will pay only for the books and supplies required for the classes in which you are currently enrolled in.
  • If you have WIA, you must see a financial aid officer before purchasing books.


Keep your receipts!!!

We truly hope this information is helpful to you as you take these first steps toward success.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!


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