Belmont College

Parking and Vehicle Registration

Parking is provided for students in designated areas on the north and east side of the Main Building and in the Ohio University Eastern lot for the Science and Engineering Building.  Students should not park in the areas designated for faculty and staff. Harrison County Center parking is in the lots in front of and to the side of the building.  At Main Campus, motorcycles are permitted to park on the concrete pad in the lower parking lot of the Main Building or may park in a student parking space.  There is also a concrete pad located at the Natural Science Building for motorcycle parking.

All vehicles parked at the Main Campus, Natural Science or the Science and Engineering Building must be registered in the Business Office.  Identification stickers are furnished for each vehicle and should be affixed to the car in the rear window or rear bumper as recommended by the Business Office.  Students who will not be coming to either the Main Campus, Natural Science or the Science and Engineering Building, but will be attending classes at the Harrison County Center, can register their vehicle at the Harrison County Center.

The only acceptable permit to allow members of the College community to utilize handicapped parking spaces will be an official State issued handicapped parking card. Applications for the handicapped parking authorization are available from your state's bureau of motor vehicles.  An exception to this will be persons who are by virtue of accident, such as a broken leg, in need of the temporary accommodation of a readily accessible parking space.  This temporary handicapped authorization will be for a period of four weeks and will not be renewable.  Temporary authorizations are available from the Access Advisor in the Student Services Department.


Campus Security and Safety Hours

Monday - Thursday
7:30a.m. - 10:30p.m.
7:30a.m. - College Closes
Guard present if the college is open.

Contact Information

Campus Security and Safety
Belmont College
120 Fox-Shannon Place
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

Phone: 740.695.9500 Ext. 1150
Security Guard on duty Ext. 8511