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Before you Register

Online courses are not "easy" and are not the right learning environment for everyone.  If you have the right qualities and learning style to successfully complete an online course, you will most likely find it to be a very worthwhile and convenient substitute to a traditional in-class course.

Before you enroll in an online course, please consider the following:

  • Does your computer meet the minimum specifications recommended when taking an online course?
  • Many learning activities in online courses are asynchronous, meaning that students participate and complete their assignments at different times throughout the week.  This allows greater flexibility and freedom for when you complete the coursework.  However, students often lack the self-discipline necessary to honor assignment due dates and procrastinate with completing coursework without the structure of regular class meetings and reminders from instructors.  It is your responsibility to pace yourself and keep up with the coursework.
  • Students need to devote the same amount of time to online courses as they would a traditional course.  Completing coursework can take from five to fifteen hours or more per week.  Additionally, taking an online course may require you to be online almost every day of the week to check for new postings and communications.
  • When taking an online course, it is necessary to have virtually unlimited access to a computer with internet access and feel comfortable using the computer and technology to complete coursework.  Word processing and internet browsing skills are crucial to your success in an online course.
  • Students taking online courses are often faced with problems that are simply out of their control, i.e. computer viruses, power outages, servers down, etc.  Students should think ahead about problems like these and have a back-up plan in place.  Students also need to regularly back-up and save their course files.

E-Learning and Distance Education Hours

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8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.
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