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Phishing Pages and Emails

If you have ever received an email claiming to be Ebay, PayPal, some Bank or Credit Union stating that you need to log on to your account immediately because of suspicious account activity, then you have seen a phishing email.  Phishing emails lead to phishing pages.

The term phishing is a spoof off of the word fishing, but what they are fishing for is "information".

Phishing pages will look like a real page from Ebay, PayPal, your Bank, Credit Union etc.  Below is an example of a PayPal phishing page that is a fake.

Notice the ip address in the address bar. is used rather than a name such as "".

When we trace the ip address (, we find that this server is sitting in India, not the United States, and is not the real Pay Pal web site though it looks real.

Phishing scams typically operate counterfeit websites that lure consumers into revealing their personal and financial data, including social security numbers, bank and credit card account information, and details of online accounts and passwords.

In a 2004 report, Gartner estimated that 57 million people had received online Phishing attacks, costing banks and credit-card issuers over $1.2 billion in 2003 alone.  In addition, phishers are beginning to target employees within organizations, attempting to gather valuable network identification and passwords that can result in the loss of confidential information or lead to security breaches.

If you have given out your information to a website such as the one above, contact your customer service department to report the matter. If you have given out bank account numbers and/or passwords, contact your bank.  If you have given out passwords to Ebay or PayPal then go to their web site and change your password immediately.

You can read more about phishing pages by doing a search on Google for "phishing".

Posted are a few good links about phishing pages.

Feel free to contact the computer department for more information on this topic.


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