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Windows Updates

85% of all computer problems can be avoided by performing two simple tasks:

  • Updating your Windows software
  • Keeping your antivirus software up to date

At Belmont College, we update Windows Operating Systems (Windows OS) automatically on student computers, so there is no need for  student to update any  Belmont computer.  We will describe how you can update your home computer later in this document.

For staff and faculty:

We do need your help in keeping your systems updated.  These updates are the best line of defense against hackers, viruses, spyware and computer errors. Whenever you see this icon on the bottom right hand part of your screen, click on the icon and install the updates.

Windows Update Screen 1

This will ensure that the latest software for windows is on your computer.  Note: you do not have to restart your computer right away.  You can wait until the end of the day and shut down the system.  The updates will be installed the next time you start your computer.

For home users:

You should update your Windows OS as soon as new patches are issued.  The easiest way to do this is by using Microsoft's automatic updates.  This will download any updates available when you are online.  When the downloads are ready to installed, you will see the icon as pictured above.  Just click on the icon to install the software.

How do you turn the automatic updates on?  The following links will take you to Microsoft's Security Homepage.  Take a few minutes to read the content of these web pages.  It will make your computing experience much easier and enjoyable.


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