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Academic Coaching

The Charles W. Kocher Student Success Center facilitates academic coaching to ensure that each student who requests assistance receives the best assistance possible and to assist the student in effectively voicing and addressing any concerns which may arise.  Upon receiving a completed Request for Assistance form, an academic coach (typically a Student Success Center employee) will be assigned to each student.  The coach’s responsibility is to make a “connection” with the student at least once a week, to determine if the student’s needs are being met, to communicate the result of the determination to pertinent persons who may assist further (tutors, staff members, other departments in the college, and more), and to offer additional service(s) if needed. 

Students will be contacted by their coach within one week after submitting a Request for Assistance form.  During the initial contact, the student and coach discuss and decide upon a preferred method of contact such as in person, email, phone, text, or other means.  Students must make every effort to communicate and openly discuss concerns or problems with their coaches, so the coach may assist the student as effectively as possible.

Please contact the Testing Center Specialist directly with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the coaching program. 


Student Success Center Hours

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