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The following list of external links was created for those individuals wishing to review or build upon skills in the areas of writing, reading, and/or math:

Writing (Sentence Skills)

LearningExpress Library offers practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, and information for various subjects (including writing, reading, and math).  You must be on an Ohio library, school, or campus to register for a login. After the initial registration, you can log on from any computer on or off campus.

Capital Community College Guide to Grammar & Writing:
Everything grammar from sentence structure to essay writing is available on this site.  The site also includes instruction, quizzes, PowerPoints, and more.

About dot com:
This site contains online grammar quizzes with feedback.

English Grammar Secrets:
Lessons and grammar exercises are available on this site.

The University of Calgary Basic Elements of English Grammar Guide:
This guide includes short grammar lessons and interactive questions.

English Grammar:
This site has grammar lessons, exercises, and rules for everyday use.

Grammar Bytes:
Everything from grammar terms to grammar videos.

ABC’s of the writing Process:
This is a website with help on the writing process that has instructional information as well as links to other resources.

Cleveland State University Writing Center:
Cleveland State’s Writing center website with help on all steps of the writing process.

Writing at
Writing presentations in Power Point format and Interactive activities

Reading (Comprehension)

Finding the Main Idea:
Included in this site is a brief introduction and examples for finding the main idea.
This site contains a very good explanation and examples for finding the main idea.

Finding the Main Idea and Reading for the Main Idea:
This site has helpful information for finding the main idea and includes links for finding the stated main idea and implied main idea.

Reading Resources-Main Idea:
This site has a strong overview of main idea and includes with practice exercises with an answer key to test reading skills.

Reading Resources-Critical Reading:
This site has excellent resources on critical reading with explanations and examples, and also discusses inferences as well as critical thinking.
This site has a series of critical reading exercises with immediate feedback.
This site has exercises that are done online with immediate feedback.

Math (Arithmetic & Elementary Algebra)

This site contains several different math functions and has especially nice fraction reviews.

This site lets the user choose a function and solve math practice problems.

This site allows the user to choose the level and function for math games.

Quiz Hub:

On this site, the user can pick a subject and proceed to practice.

Khan Academy:

This site has an incredible array of instruction math videos and math practice.

Online Math Learning:

This site lets the user choose his/her grade level and math material to review.

For current students and employees:

Many of the resources below require access codes for usage.  If you would like to obtain more information on any of the following, please contact or visit the Student Success Center, and one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

LASSI Assessment (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory)

LASSI Instructional Modules (Becoming a Strategic Learner)

Learning Style Assessment


Films on Demand

Kuder Journey

Atomic Learning


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