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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a student support program that is offered in many transitional studies courses to improve student performance and retention.  At the heart of supplemental instruction is the Supplemental Instruction Leader, a student (typically) who has previously demonstrated outstanding performance in the designated supplemental instruction course.  The SI Leader attends each session of a supplemental instruction course, takes notes, records important information and directions, notes test dates, and assists students in the classroom and labs.  In addition, the SI Leader offers out-of-class study sessions and tutoring.

In addition:

  • The Instructor and the SI Leader meet prior to or at the beginning of the term to plan and agree upon the best approach and use of the SI Leader.  The SI Leader’s duties include:
    • to attend class sessions the instructor has identified in order to:
      • become acquainted and form bonds with students
      • take class notes
      • videotape the lecture, as appropriate
      • record assignments
      • assist in labs
      • lead or facilitate cooperative student groups
      • answer questions and assist and guide students during cooperative or independent activities
    • to conduct study sessions as needed
    • to conduct individual or small group tutoring as needed
    • to meet with the instructor for planning, training, and informational sessions as determined and as needed
    • to contact students outside of class to:
      • check on absences
      • arrange tutoring
      • answer questions
      • provide support
  • The effectiveness of supplemental instruction is assessed through participating students’ responses to a student inventory. 

Supplemental Instruction Leader Responsibilities

Essential Functions

  • Attend all class meetings of the selected course, take notes, survey homework, and read all assigned materials including text(s) and supplemental reading before SI classes and sessions
  • Conduct study sessions throughout the term
  • Conduct tutoring sessions throughout the term
  • Regularly meet with the class instructor for brief sessions
    • Discuss student and class observations
    • Discuss observations and outcomes of the study sessions
    • Discuss observations and outcomes of the tutoring sessions
    • Discuss concerns, if any

Other Functions

  • Provide extra study sessions as necessary (e.g. prior to examinations)
  • Provide handouts for use during study or tutoring sessions
  • Ascertain course requirements and maintain contact throughout the term with the course instructor to foster team work
  • Assist in other duties as assigned by the course instructor
  • Maintain contact and rapport with students

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Content competency
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Reliability— The SI Leader must attend all class sessions or notify the class instructor and Testing Center Specialist in case of an emergency.
  • Professional dress and attitude— All matters such as class standards, grades, and student complaints are confidential.

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