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The Charles W. Kocher Student Success Center has workshops available to students who need assistance improving the academic skills necessary to succeed in college and those who may wish to brush up on their skills.  Workshops can be scheduled on an individual or small group basis and may be requested by submitting a completed Request for Assistance form to the Student Success Center. 

The following workshops are currently available:

Attitude - for students who may not believe college is relevant or important to them and may need or wish to develop a better understanding of how college and their academic performance relates to their future life goals.

Motivation - for students who need or wish to accept more responsibility for their academic outcomes and learn how to set and use goals to help accomplish specific tasks

Time Management - for students who may need to develop effective scheduling and monitoring techniques in order to assure timely completion of academic tasks and to avoid procrastination while realistically including non-academic activities in their schedule.

Anxiety - for students who may need to develop techniques for coping with anxiety and reducing worry so that attention can be focused on the task at hand

Concentration - for students who may need to learn to monitor their level of concentration and develop techniques to redirect attention and eliminate interfering thoughts or feelings so that they can be more effective and efficient learners.

Information Processing - for students who may have difficulty making information meaningful and storing it in memory in a way that will help them recall it in the future

Selecting Main Ideas - for students who may need to develop their skill at separating out critical information on which to focus their attention.  Tasks such as reading a textbook can be overwhelming if students focus on every detail presented.

Study Aids - for students who may need to develop a better understanding of the resources available to them and how to use of these resources to help them be more effective and efficient learners.

Self-Testing - for students who may need to develop an appreciation for the importance of self-testing, and learn effective techniques for reviewing information and monitoring their level of understanding or ability to apply what they are learning.

Test Strategies - for students who may need to learn more effective techniques for preparing for and taking tests so that they are able to effectively demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter.

Brain-Friendly Learning - for students who would like to learn techniques, grounded in brain research, to improve learning and studying.

Basic Computer Skills - for students who may need assistance in learning, or improving upon, the basic skills necessary in computer operations.  This workshop focuses on the individual needs of the student, and can oftentimes expand to individualized assistance. 


Student Success Center Hours

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