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Human Resources

Faculty, Welding – Full-Time

Primary responsibilities include instruction and assessment in the program, ensuring relevancy and currency of curriculum consistent with industry standards, and managing the welding labs.


This position requires a thorough knowledge of safety and skills related to welding and HVAC/R. Individual must project a professional image and possess strong communication skills. This individual should be knowledgeable in and possess the ability to teach mathematics, science, and technical writing related to welding.


Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Perform instructional, committee, and other duties as assigned.
  2. Assist the Director of Industrial Trades and Contract Training with student recruitment, retention, and 
  3. Develop and maintain professional contacts by attending conferences and by actively participating in 
professional organizations.
  4. Maintain ongoing professional development.
  5. Maintain a clean, professional lab environment by keeping equipment in proper running order, keeping 
floors and table tops clean, and promoting proper safety procedures using OSHA guidelines.
  6. Participate in enrollment management initiatives.
  7. Coordinate equipment maintenance and repair.
  8. Order supplies.
  9. Assess, plan, implement, and evaluate assessment strategies to measure Core Learning Outcomes and 
direct measures of student learning.
  10. Design, implement, and evaluate a systematic plan for program evaluation in collaboration with the Dean 
of Instruction.
  11. Maintain the academic standards and integrity of the program.
  12. Develop, execute, evaluate, and update the course syllabi and provide the College with the official copy in 
electronic format.
  13. Prepare daily lesson plans, course outlines, and other instructional materials as needed for effective 
  14. Develop, teach, and evaluate all assigned courses incorporating active learning strategies and current, 
relevant curriculum.
  15. Recommend and order texts and other instructional materials to be used for instruction.
  16. Maintain and publicly post a schedule of office hours for consultation with students and others as may be 
  17. Guide and counsel the student in her/his educational adjustments. Refer students for counseling and 
tutoring when necessary.
  18. Recognize and adapt teaching style to the educational needs of the individual students.
  19. Communicatetactandimpartialityindealingwithstudentsandstudentrelatedproblems.
  20. Demonstrate expertise in independent decision making incorporating goals and objectives of the course.
  21. Provide instruction at off-campus sites as assigned.
  22. Submit attendance and grades for assigned students electronically as required and maintain appropriate grading documentation.
  23. Plan, attend, and assist with student, faculty, and college activities, such as Math Counts, Science Fair, and open houses.
  24. Serve on assigned or voluntary committees, governance teams, and task forces.
  25. Perform other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in an area related to industry or manufacturing; 

  2. Supporting certifications in the field of welding; 

  3. Prior teaching experience, preferably in a college environment; 

  4. Prior industry experience; or 

  5. Any equivalent combination of tested experience and education which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the assigned duties. 

To apply, complete an application. A cover letter, resume, and three professional references must be included or emailed separately to