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Human Resources

Vice President, Academic Affairs & Student Services

Position Summary:

This position is the chief academic and student affairs officer of the college. The incumbent has primary responsibility and oversight of all academic areas including but not limited to: Academic Programs, Off-Campus Operations, Workforce Development, regional and National accreditation, Academic Advising, Admissions, Student Records and Financial Aid. This executive level position is a member of the President’s Staff and reports directly to the President.


Specific Responsibilities:

  1.   Academic Leadership
    1. Responsible for the development and implementation of quality academic programs.
    2. Implement and provide leadership for academic assessment, effectiveness, curriculum, course, and 
program development.
    3. Provide leadership for the curriculum including but not limited to: Developmental, General, Technical, 
and Transfer education programs.
    4. Lead the evaluation progress for all Faculty and direct reports.
    5. Create, assess, implement, and evaluate various models such as the Faculty Model, Learning and 
Student Success models.
  2.   Executive Leadership
    1. Establish team oriented philosophies, policies, and procedures.
    2. Act as an advisor and confidant to the President and the Board of Trustees as required.
    3. Create effective working teams (i.e. Program Leads, Support Staff, and Deans/Directors).
    4. Develop working teams by providing leadership for professional development.
    5. Provide leadership for enrollment management along with other stakeholder and lead personnel.
    6. Coordinate working needs and initiatives with all other members of the President’s Staff.
    7. Provide leadership to financial aid and the records office to ensure the coordination of the 
registration/grading policies are in compliance.
    8. Ensure via coordination with Human Resources that the recruitment of Faculty and all personnel is 
staffed at the proper levels.
  3.   Accreditation Leadership
    1. Serve as the chief accreditation officer (ALO)/HLC Liaison 
    2. Lead all accreditation requirements and submissions to regulatory bodies and on-site visits.
  4.   Miscellaneous Requirements
    1. Maintain and update all college policies pertaining to academic and student affairs.
    2. Serve as the College representative with the OACC and CAO meetings.
    3. Attend monthly Board of Trustees meetings.
  5.   Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  1. A Doctoral Degree in Higher Education or a comparable terminal degree.
  2. 2-4 years of teaching experience with a preference of technical and/or community college level.
  3. 2-4 years of administrative experience in the academic and student services areas.
Familiarity with the MS Office Suite, Apple Products, and other realms of Technology.

To apply, email a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to