Belmont College

Student Life

Belmont provides a well-rounded program of social, cultural, and recreational events for all students.  Various activities and programs are regularly announced through college publications.  Participation in student activities is encouraged, however, each student is expected to exercise his or her best judgment as to the degree and extent of extracurricular involvement.

Student organizations at Belmont provide opportunities for students to develop personal, professional, and intellectual skills by allowing them to actively engage in the college community.  Involvement in student organizations is just one of many ways for students to become involved on campus.  Research indicates that there are numerous benefits to students who are engaged in their education.  Students who are involved in college organizations:

  • Group of studentsEarn better grades
  • Achieve more success in their chosen academic program
  • Feel more satisfied with their college experience
  • Become more marketable when searching for a job
  • Develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills


Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to work with Belmont Student Services staff to develop and plan additional student organizations.  A process has been developed for approval and recognition of student groups.  Details on this process are available from the Belmont College, Director of Student Engagement, Leadership and Career Services.