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Register for Classes Online

Important Notes about Registering Online:


You can only register for classes where pre-requisites are met or are in progress.


You will need 12 or more graded local credit hours to be eligible to register online. If you have not attended Belmont College for 2 consecutive semesters you may be unable to register online until you see an advisor.


Registration for distance education/online courses closes the Friday (at 4:30 p.m.) before the first day of the term.


After you register for courses it may take a few minutes for it to update in the system and be available for you to view as scheduled. Register online » You will be asked to sign in with your ID number and password and select the appropriate term:


  • To Register for an upcoming semester, select the term 2014-2015 Summer Semester or 2014-2015 Fall Semester.


A videoconference course is held face-to-face at specific dates and times in a classroom. Instructors communicate with students at other sites through a TV monitor and microphone system. Students can see and speak with the instructor and other students at all sites in real time. These classes are identified on the schedule with a VB, VH, or VM as the section code.


A hybrid course is a combination of in-person class and an online class. 50% of the overall instruction time is delivered in the classroom and 50% is delivered online. Traditional face-to-face instruction is reduced but not eliminated. These classes can be identified on the schedule as having a classroom section assignment as well as a ‘HYBRID’ online section assignment.


An online course is offered via the Internet. Online courses often include online chats/live web conferencing, discussion boards, online tests, videos and online assignment submission. These classes can be identified on the schedule as having a location of ‘Online-Internet’.


If You Don’t See a Class You Need:


Due to updates to the curriculum, if you do not see a course on the schedule that is on your curriculum template or Degree Completion Plan, please contact your advisor.