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The mission of the Academic Affairs Department flows directly from the Belmont College Mission as well as the College Philosophy of Learning and the Learning and Student Success Model.  As lifelong learning guides its mission, the Academic Affairs Department of Belmont strives to ensure that students are given the full opportunity to discover and develop their talents, interests, and unique potential. The department is the catalyst for preparing students to be successful in their career pathways and their citizenship responsibilities in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.  A learning-centered and student-centered environment provides the context for intellectual, cultural, professional, and personal growth during the college experience.

The Academic Affairs Department provides leadership and support for the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs, along with new and additional strategies that allow the college to become an increasingly more effective learning organization. Substantive change produced in graduates from the Belmont experience includes a self-directed, motivated, confident, skilled, and knowledgeable approach to life-ways.  Providing appropriate support services for student success and development and upholding rigorous and fair standards of student achievement are highly valued ethics.

The Academic Affairs Department of the College supports the Belmont faculty by facilitating student experience, supporting faculty professional development, embracing continuous quality improvement efforts, and ensuring program and curriculum development.  Excellence is fostered in teaching and learning, as well as in the use of technology and participatory/active/ alternative learning methodologies in classroom experiences.  Offering courses and programs that are responsive to the diverse college stakeholder needs is paramount.

Assessing, planning, and evaluating the efficient allocation of precious college resources to move beyond current horizons in order to continually improve is embedded in the mission of the Academic Affairs Department.  At the same time, the department maintains a spirit of collegiality among the various departments and work units of the College.


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