Belmont College

Learning Philosophy

Belmont College is a dynamic organization which is sensitive and responsive to the changing educational needs of individual learners and stakeholders.  The environment for learning at Belmont College is a liberating, motivating force that empowers students, employees, and external stakeholders to be in mutual partnership in the learning process and to strive for excellence in attaining teaching and learning goals.  The environment fosters lifelong personal and professional growth with a commitment to the intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural development of students, employees, and community.

Learning is an active, participatory process.  It transcends time and space as individuals learn differently and have preferred learning styles.  Faculty, staff, and students share responsibility for learning and adapting to diverse teaching and learning styles. Learning involves a mutual relationship among faculty and students.  Faculty are caring, competent, and knowledgeable in the relationship, and students are responsible for full engagement in the relationship in order to become motivated, confident, and competent. An institutional culture of self-reflection and evaluation, team building, positive and constructive reinforcement, and accountability supports the learning process.

Belmont College is a learning-centered organization.  Core learning competencies include analytical, critical/creative thinking; communication skills; active learning; and personal responsibility.  All are paramount for student success.  The use of technology is an integral part of supporting and enhancing the learning process. Positive role modeling, respect, and a community characterized by a systems approach to learning and problem-solving are the hallmarks of the Belmont College learning community. Belmont College creates substantive change in individual learners.

Belmont College is a student-centered organization.  The primary purpose of academic support services is to assist students in meeting their educational goals.  College departments and functional units are aligned and coordinated to support teaching and learning. Employees are professional, accessible, and helpful.

Accountability for learning is shared by students, stakeholders, and employees.  Best practices are actively and continually adopted. Outcome competencies for each program and department are the backbone of the Belmont College continuous feedback loop, which allows an ongoing, systematic, college-wide assessment of student achievement and institutional best practices.


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