Belmont College
  1. Student Success Center - Belmont College created a space where students can achieve that to which the late Dean Charles W. Kocher dedicated his life to - Student Success.  Services provided are: individualized, academic assistance to include individualized tutoring; workshops and study groups; online course testing; make-up testing; placement examinations; drop-in math tutoring; drop-in writing assistance; and an open computer lab.
  2. First Year Experience (FYE) - Orientation designed to help energize and inform students for their first day of class.  Through a variety of exercises, demonstrations, and guest speakers, students are exposed to skills necessary for success in college.  Students are also made aware to those issues most likely to cause academic difficulties during their first quarter in college.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Class Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.
Saturday - Sunday
College open only when classes are scheduled.

Contact Information

Belmont College
Main: 740.695.9500
Harrison County Center: 740.942.2222
Monroe County Center: 740.472.5468