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Networking (ITX)

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The 2-yearAssociate of Applied Science degree in Computer Networking emphasizes the installation of hardware, ranging from servers to workstations, and installation of software, both operating and application.

With the introduction of computer networks into the workplace, especially small businesses, network administrators and experts are in high demand.  Graduates of this program should anticipate installing or upgrading networks for companies and consultant firms.  Career opportunities exist with companies that utilize computers in business, computation, and control activities, as well as companies that design, manufacture, market, install and service computer and networking equipment.

Laboratory assignments will allow students to install a network, set up hardware and software, and learn to perform maintenance.

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The Cisco Networking Academy is a program that trains students to design, install, and maintain computer networks.  Belmont College, in partnership with Cisco Systems, provides the training required to compete in an increasing technology-depended workplace.

Upon completion of the program students will be prepared to challenge the CompTIA A+, Network+, CISCO, and Microsoft certification exams.

Course # and Title Credit Hours Certification
NET1151 Networking Basics
NET1152 Routers and Routing
NET1153 Switching Basics
NET1154 WAN Technologies
Total Hours
Cisco Certified Network
Association (CCNA)
NET1141 PC Upgrade A+
NET1142 Networking Systems
Total Hours
CompTIA A+ and
NET1161 Microsoft® Windows® Professional
NET1166 MS Server 08 Active Directory
NET2270 Microsoft Server 08 Infrastructure
NET2271 MS Server 08 Administration
Total Hours
Microsoft Certified
Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Belmont College is a Cisco Systems Networking Academy as well as a Cisco and Microsoft certified testing site.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Understand and install computer hardware, operating systems, and networks.
  2. Design, install, and maintain Cisco networking systems.
  3. Install and maintain Microsoft application and server systems.
  4. Perform updates and maintenance.
  5. Perform systematic troubleshooting, upgrade, and repair.

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