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New Health Sciences Center

The Health Sciences Center will be located between Hammond Road and State Route 331 in St. Clairsville, close by the main building, and will house all Belmont College Nursing and Health Science programs..

The 27,648 square foot building will feature a two story overlap design with state-of-the-art classroom and science labs for biology, anatomy, and chemistry. These high-tech classrooms will enhance the learning environment and provide opportunities for students to nurture collaboration and creativity.

New Health Sciences Center


A variety of options await you in the healthcare field through Belmont College’s flagship programs in nursing!  You have the choice of the following high-powered, high-demand careers and programs.

Nursing Application Requirements


If you are ready to rise in the health care field as a registered nurse, then seek out the Associate Degree Nursing program offered in a day or evening/weekend format.

Practical Nursing

Are you ready to enter the challenging realm of health care as a Practical Nurse?  At Belmont, you have the opportunity to become a Practical Nurse through our certificate program that you can complete during the day or evening in as little as 1 year!


Following the transitional quarter, the certified paramedic or the licensed practical nurse can pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing and become eligible to take NCLEX for registered nurse licensure and practice.


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