Belmont College

Transfer Enrollment Checklist

For transfer student with prior college credit.

  1. Visit our campus and find the right program or view available programs online
    • Contact an Enrollment Services Associate for enrollment information
    • For assistance with choosing a career contact an Admissions Counselor
  2. Complete an Application for Admission
    • There is no application fee.
  3. Send Official High School (or GED) and College Transcripts (if applicable) to the Records Office
    • Official copies must be sealed and unopened.
    • Transcripts are evaluated for the program indicated on the application.  This takes approximately two to three weeks after Belmont receives the official transcripts.
  4. Apply for Financial Aid
  5. Meet with the Admissions Counselor
    • Meet with an Admissions Counselor who will assist you with scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor, who will review your transcript evaluation and make recommendations for your courses at Belmont.
  6. Schedule a Placement Test if recommended by your advisor
    • Based on your past college experience, courses taken, recent placement test scores, and/or grades, your advisor may recommend a placement test to affirm your current academic ability.
    • Belmont offers the Accuplacer and accepts recent ACT and SAT scores. 
    • If needed, we strongly recommend using our Sample Test and Study Guide or review math and English concepts and principles at these suggested sites.
    • Photo ID required for testing.
  7. Pay Balance of Fees and Tuition
    • Students eligible for financial aid will have this funding applied to their college expenses (tuition, fees, books) that will be charged to their college account. 
    • Contact the Belmont College Business Office to pay any remaining balance.
  8. Buy Books at Belmont College Bookstore
    • Verify with the Financial Aid Office that your aid has been processed and approved if you plan on using aid to purchase books. 
    • Belmont College Booklists for each term, are available online.   
  9. Attend All Classes!!!


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