Belmont College

Transient Credit Information

As an accredited institution of higher learning, we have many students who take summer courses here and then transfer those back to their home institution as transient credit.  We allow those students to register early and over the phone to facilitate registration while still away at college.

General Requirements

Transient Enrollment Checklist

To enroll, you will need to complete a free application (no charge).  Please make sure you select “Transfer - TRN” in the ‘Program of Interest’ field.

Then look at the course listing for courses and descriptions of the classes you want to take.  You will then need to demonstrate approval that courses taken at Belmont College will transfer back to your home institution.  You may do this by contacting your college’s Registrar or Program Chair. There may be a list of pre-approved (articulated) courses, or you may need specific approval for a certain class.  Once you have something in writing from either of these sources, please fax this to our Records Office: 740.699.3049.  Once you have found courses and sections, please call the Transfer Advisor, and they will be able to register you over the telephone.  Payment arrangements must be made prior to the start of classes with the Business Office and Financial Aid.


Admissions Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.
Saturday - Sunday

Contact Information

Belmont College
120 Fox-Shannon Place
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

High School Enrollment Services Associate
Crissy D'Aquila
Phone: 740.699.3845

Enrollment Services Associate
Courtney Nign
Phone: 740.699.3894

Senior Admissions Counselor
Juanita Roxby
Phone: 740.699.3812

Admissions Counselor
Pamela Robinson
Phone: 740.699.3846