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Building Preservation/Restoration (BPR)

The Building Preservation/Restoration (BPR) program at Belmont is one of the oldest and most recognized programs of its kind in the nation.  The program’s emphasis on “hands-on” learning has established its curriculum as a national model for traditional trade’s education.

The BPR program is designed to teach students the basic trades that are used to preserve and restore historic structures.  Classroom education provides a foundation in preservation theory and history.  This education is supplemented by an in-depth technical analysis of why buildings and materials fail, and explores traditional and modern approaches used to stabilize and repair them.

In the workshops, students take this knowledge and learn the fundamentals of most of the basic trades while at the same time challenge their skills by completing a number of precisely designed projects.

Finally, BPR students are taken into the field where they practice the techniques learned in the workshops on real-world preservation projects.  This includes working on the department’s own historic field lab house and completing community based projects, like restoring windows in a one-room schoolhouse, or repairing stained glass windows from a local church. 

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Program Outcomes:

  1. Have a thorough understanding of historic preservation theory and be able to apply that theory in real life situations.
  2. Understand the materials and the basic concepts behind the techniques used in the preservation of historic buildings and be able to carry out those techniques when necessary.
  3. 3. Function successfully in the work environment, developing a strong work ethic and an emphasis on quality workmanship.

Telly Award winning documentary on the 2005 International Preservation Trades Workshop held at Belmont College featuring Roy Underhill of PBS’s Wainwright Shop.


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