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Financial Aid Processes

Applying for Financial Aid

NEW STUDENTS:  Apply and be fully accepted for admissions to a degree or certificate program offered at Belmont College. Contact the Office of Admissions if you need assistance or more information about applying for admission.  You’re welcome to apply for federal student aid while waiting to be admitted.  However, please be aware that students classified as “non-degree”, in accordance with federal regulations, may not receive federal aid.



  1. Complete and submit a 2017/2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Your FAFSA should be submitted prior to May 1, 2017 to be considered for financial aid during the Summer 2017 term.  This FAFSA is used to apply for federal financial aid for SUMMER 2017-FALL 2017-SPRING 2018.
  2. Watch your e-mail account and mailbox for the acknowledgments that will be sent to you by the the Department of Education and by Belmont College after your FAFSA is submitted.  Review your FAFSA data carefully.  If needed, make any corrections to your FAFSA information in accordance with the instructions provided.
  3. A portion of all FAFSA applicants are selected by the U.S. Department of Education each year to have their FAFSA data verified.  If chosen, Belmont College will notify you.  Be sure to promptly submit all requested documents and/or clarifications.
  4. Check your MyFAO account for any additional documents that may be required.
  5. If you are experiencing processing delays or problems, please stop by the Office of Student Financial Aid during regular office hours to visit with a Financial Aid representative.  You may also contact the office by phone at 740-695-8510 or by e-mail at
  6. Please read and respond to all mailed or e-mailed correspondence.  If you’re unsure about what to do or how to respond, let us know!
  7. Please note that full-time enrollment (12 or more undergraduate credit hours per semester) is required to be disbursed 100% of your semester Pell Grant award.  A Pell Grant award will be pro-rated for less than Full-time enrollment.  Half-time enrollment (6 or more undergraduate credit hours per semester) is required to be disbursed Federal Direct Loan funds.
  8. Credit balance funds from federal funds will be available as scheduled each term.

Student Responsibilities

Please remember the following:


  • To qualify for federal aid you must attend the classes you enroll for, and those classes must be required for your degree completion.  If you withdraw or stop attending classes, you will be required to repay some (or even all) of the federal aid that was credited to your account for the semester
  • You’re responsible for paying your educational expenses.  When you enroll for classes at Belmont, you’re agreeing to pay all of your charges, whether or not you’ve applied for or been awarded financial aid assistance.  If you’re not awarded the amounts of aid you were expecting, lose eligibility for one or more types of assistance, or fail to meet all aid eligibility requirements, you must still pay any outstanding balance due.
  • The total amount of financial aid you may receive is not unlimited. Below are the kinds of considerations used to determine your total eligibility for assistance:
  1. Your assigned federal cost of attendance as defined on your Award letter (typically based on a full-time enrollment status or your current enrollment at the time of applying for financial aid)
  2. Your grade level (freshman or sophomore) which is determined according to the number of credit hours you’ve earned, not the number of semesters you’ve attended college.
    1. 0-30 credit hours = Freshman
    2. 31 or more credit hours = Sophmore
  3. The annual and lifetime Federal Direct Loan borrowing limits established by the federal government.
  4. The annual and lifetime Pell limits established by the federal government.
  • Applying for assistance is an annual process.  Be sure to complete and submit your FAFSA in February or March prior to each school year you wish to apply for federal aid assistance.
  • If you’re awarded scholarships or benefits from any source, you’re required to promptly provide Financial Aid Office with information about the award(s).