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Pipeline Welder Helper I Certificate

Short-Term Certificate


A national curriculum will be used for the study and application of Shield Metal Arc Welding and Oxyfuel Welding processes as applied to the oil & gas pipeline industry. Topics covered in this certificate program are: machine selection and classification of electrodes, basic welding techniques using 7018 electrodes for fillet welds, welding symbols, best practices in oxyfuel cutting and welding, and pipeline clamping, cribbing, and grinding.  Students will be prepared to earn AWS D1.1 4F certification using E7018 welding rods upon completion of this certificate.


Certificate Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the certificate program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Understand welding and shop safety policies and procedures
  2. Operate SMAW, machines
  3. Identify electrode classifications
  4. Start, maintain and restart an arc with E7018
  5. Identify weld joints
  6. Know oxyacetylene torch set up and operating procedu0res
  7. Analyze proper torch tip selection
  8. Perform oxyacetylene fusion welding
  9. Perform oxyacetylene welding with filler rod
  10. Proficiently torch cut 1” plate steel and prepare for welding
  11. Wash welds and gouge with oxyacetylene
  12. Braze weld mild steel
  13. Perform oxyacetylene welding open root with filler rod

Program Template PDF

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