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Placement Testing Information

What is Placement Testing?

Belmont College offers the Accuplacer, which is an online, placement test required for all degree- or certificate-seeking students who are new to college. The Accuplacer includes the following “subtests”: writing, reading, arithmetic, and elementary algebra. However, the elementary algebra subtest may or may not be administered, depending upon the score achieved on the arithmetic subtest.


Test results from this untimed test are used to assess students’ current academic skills. Test results, available immediately after testing, will not prohibit students from enrolling at Belmont College; however, students who do not test “college ready” must take developmental education courses. Developmental education courses help students prepare for college-level course work but do not count towards degree completion. Because of this, we strongly recommend working through the Placement Exam Study Guide prior to testing. Individuals who would like to further review, in an effort to increase skill levels and possibly achieve higher placement testing scores, should visit our Accuplacer Preparation page.


An Application for Admission to the college must be completed and submitted prior to testing, and a student ID number will be assigned, which is required for placement testing. Placement testing is scheduled by appointment only, and photo identification is required. Scratch paper and pencil will be provided, and hand-held calculators are prohibited. Students who wish to test at our main campus should call the Charles W. Kocher Student Success Center. Students who wish to test at our Harrison County Center or Monroe County Center should call these centers to schedule a test. Upon completion of the placement test, students will be given a score report and may proceed with the admissions process (speaking with an advisor and/or registering for an orientation).


Please note: A photo ID is required for testing.


Students exempt from placement testing include students who:

  • Possess associate or bachelor degrees from accredited institutions.
  • Register for courses with no placement testing prerequisites and have not yet accumulated 18 or more hours of Belmont College credit.
  • Transfer substitute credits from accredited institutions (except students who plan to enter the nursing program; placement test scores are required for all nursing students).
  • Are senior citizens (age 60 or above).
  • Audit classes.
  • Are in good standing as documented by an accredited institution.
  • Provide sufficient ACT scores either on their official high school transcript or an official ACT score report.



An academic adviser or Student Success Center staff member will recommend the student to retest in an attempt testing out of the initial course(s) placement.

  1. Students may retake each subject of the placement test one time, at no cost to them.
  2. Students may retake one or more portions of the placement test for a second time at no cost to them, only if their test score(s) fall within the confirmation range.
  3. Students will be subject to a retesting fee of $20 per Accuplacer subject, payable to the Business Office, if:
    1. Students are retesting for a second time, and their previous score(s) do not fall within confirmation range.
    2. Students are retesting for three or more times.

*College Credit Plus students are allowed to retest every calendar year. The confirmation testing policy, as outlined above, will reset every calendar year with the most recent Accuplacer scores.