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Transfer from Belmont

TAG Approved & Transfer Module Classes

Semester TAG and Transfer Module Courses

What are Transfer Assurance Guides or TAGs?

TAGs are common codes issued by the University System of Ohio for select courses guaranteeing transfer between Ohio public schools for classes having the same TAG.  For example, this means that our PSY 1140 with an TAG of OSS018 must be accepted at any other Ohio public school as that school’s TAG equivalent.


Follow the above links for semester courses currently approved by the University System of Ohio with their corresponding Transfer Assurance Guide codes.

What are Transfer Module Classes?

The Transfer Module is a University System of Ohio approved guide to help students identify courses that are recognized by the state as belonging to one of the following five categories:


  • English/Communications
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Natural & Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Arts & Humanities


This module gives students an idea of what is generally transferred to other schools and the category to which those classes are generally assigned.