Belmont College offers an economical approach for an existing worker or high school graduate to prepare for a career in the energy industry. Recent studies show there is potential for many new jobs to be created in the local area in the next few years. Belmont College is partnering with local industries and the local workforce development agencies to offer training to prepare citizens for these positions.

Education and training can consist of job certifications, skills refresher, industry specific certificates of completion, one-year certificates, associate degrees, and bridge capabilities to four-year degrees. Belmont makes it easier now than ever before to gain new, in-demand skills. With flexible class schedules and both certificate and associate degree programs, Belmont is the perfect place to prepare to move up and move forward.

Many of Belmont's existing traditional programs offer the skills and education needed for students to be attractive to employers from energy related industries. It's no secret why several area energy employers come to Belmont when they recruit. Belmont students bring unique knowledge that comes from a combination of in-class and hands-on learning.