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ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OH – January 4, 2012 – It’s official: on July 1, 2012 Belmont Technical College will become Belmont College.
More than a year ago, Belmont Technical College began exploring a new brand identity which included not only new colors and messaging, but also a new name for the institution.  Enrollment growth and expansion into broader program offerings, including the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, fueled the need for the College to adopt a new name that better reflects the current offerings of the institution. The College’s name change from Belmont Technical College to Belmont College is accompanied by an updated logo  in addition to the implementation of its brand positioning, “Be Able.  Be Belmont.”
“It is our hope that by aligning the new name with our educational programs, we will increase the value of our degrees and advance the College’s status in the eyes of the community.” said Dr. Joseph E. Bukowski, President of Belmont College. “Much of the world has changed since Belmont was founded in 1971 and so has the mission of the College. This is a defining moment in Belmont’s history. We believe that change is how we grow, and Belmont is actively growing and changing as an institution to better serve the community.”

Moreover, Belmont has another big change for the coming academic year.  In the Fall of 2012, the College will convert from quarters to semesters. This conversion to semesters is part of the overall 10-year strategic plan put forth by the Ohio Board of Regents to standardize the academic calendar for the entire University System of Ohio. At Belmont, the semester calendar will extend each term by as much as five weeks, allowing students more time to learn course materials and opportunities for more in-depth study.
Belmont College is and will continue to be an integral part of the University System of Ohio and fulfill its community college mission – to provide affordable higher education for students in a learner-centered environment and to offer community leadership that promotes programs for economic development, career advancement, workforce development, and community education that are responsive to local business and industry.
“The new Belmont College brand is more than our name and logo.  ‘Be Able, Be Belmont’ is an expression of who we are as an institution.  It’s our promise to students, alumni, the community we serve and ourselves,” noted Laura Doty, Director of Strategic Communications. “It’s the cornerstone of our new positioning.  It’s simple and compelling: Be Able. But the benefits of being able are different for every student.  Celebrating the many benefits of ability widens the appeal and relevance of our core claim: that Belmont College changes the lives of students by preparing them to do the things they were meant to be able to do.”
About Belmont College

Belmont College is a comprehensive community college preparing students with their choice of career training, degrees, or certificates. At Belmont, we change lives. We not only transform students into graduates. Here, students apply education beyond the classroom and make an impact in the world an in our community. Whatever the course of study, our students are going to put practical expertise into motion. Towards a profession…a new degree…a new life.

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Belmont Technical College to become Belmont CollegeBelmont College President, Dr. Joseph E. Bukowski , second from left displays the new Belmont College signage with current students (from left to right) Darrick Doty, Business Administration and Leadership Major; Emily Hawthorne, Accounting Major; and Braeden O’Connell, Information Technology Programming Major.

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