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Energy Institute Offers Additional Courses to Enhance Existing Degrees with Oil & Gas Industry Training

St. Clairsville, OH (August 22, 2012) – In order to allow current degree holders the opportunity to become more marketable in the energy industry, Belmont College is now offering coursework and training to provide graduates additional credentials through the Energy Institute.

“The Belmont College Energy Institute provides direction and resources to educate, train, and retrain individuals in the creation, management, and operation of sources of energy, such as oil and gas,” said Dr. Holly Bennett, Dean of Workforce and Economic Development. “These training opportunities and short-term certificates are available to individuals who may already have a college degree but are looking to re-tool and re-train for job prospects in the oil and gas industry; therefore allowing them to remain aggressive in the workforce.”

Supportive coursework has been developed for civil engineering, industrial electronics, welding, accounting, and business that will better prepare students for employment opportunities in the oil and gas industry. According to Dr. Bennett, graduates with degrees in these programs can add oil and gas certifications to their qualifications in order to become more sought-after in the energy careers.

By taking the offered oil and gas courses, students can enhance their skills and qualifications by adding specialized proficiencies to an existing degree. This additional coursework can also be added at the end of a student's program and in some cases, can be used as electives in specific programs. These specialized credit classes can be valuable to students seeking pathways to lucrative employment in the oil and gas industry.

When applied to an already completed degree, these certificates usually can be completed in less than a year and can potentially lead to a specific job in the energy industry.

For more information about short-term certificates or the Energy Institute please contact the Workforce Development and Community Education Office at 740.699.3869 or visit

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