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Belmont College Freezes Tuition for 2013-2014 Year

St. Clairsville, OH (June 19, 2013) - Belmont College announced today that the College Board of Trustees has approved tuition costs be frozen for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic school year. This stabilization in tuition goes against the rising trend in tuition increases reported for the 2013-2014 academic year.

“An important component of Belmont’s mission is to make higher education accessible and affordable,” said President Joseph E. Bukowski. “By avoiding a tuition increase for the coming year we hope to enable more students to pursue their degrees and enhance their careers.”

Full-time, in-state students at Belmont College will continue to pay $143 per credit hour in tuition.

“In today’s world decisions regarding where to attend college come at a time when higher education costs continue to increase and many students wonder how they will pay for higher education,” Bukowski continued. “Our Board of Trustees has decided not to increase tuition for the coming year because we want to be sensitive to the financial and personal needs of our students. It is important to take pressure off of our students by making tuition affordable so that they can focus on academics.”

Belmont College has been and will remain cognizant of how tuition costs impacts its students. According to Bukowski, the College is conscientious every year when it comes to tuition rates. For example, during the 2007-2008 through the 2009-2010 academic years the College did not increase tuition. This was done in order to keep costs as low as possible for students.

“There is a delicate balancing act that colleges have to maintain in order to determine how much money is necessary to provide a quality education for students. Institutions must manage expenditures to keep tuition as low as possible without affecting the quality of our programs,” said Bukowski. “The administration and Board of Trustees at Belmont take tuition costs very seriously and they work to ultimately make the best decision in regard to our students’ needs.”

Comprehensive community colleges, like Belmont, are a less expensive alternative to many higher priced four-year institutions. From the 2006/2007 through the 2011/2012 academic years, Belmont has awarded $2,319,068 to local students through the Trustees Scholarship. The scholarship is a tuition-only award to assist students in covering the cost of up to six academic terms after other forms of need-based financial aid have been applied. Eligible students must meet residency requirements for Belmont, Harrison, or Monroe Counties, graduate from a high school in one of those counties and enroll at Belmont College the summer or fall term following their high school graduation.

Incoming first-year student Maddie Harrison from St. Clairsville is majoring in Business Administration & Leadership.Incoming first-year student Maddie Harrison from St. Clairsville is majoring in Business Administration & Leadership, as well as working toward an Office Clerk certificate. Maddie, a former PSEO (Post-Secondary Enrollment Option) student, is a recipient of the Trustees Scholarship which is providing her with a tuition-only award to assist in covering the cost of up to six academic terms.

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