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News 2017

Main Building Renovation Begins at Belmont College

Officials announce $7.91-million-dollar overhaul of the Main Campus Building at Belmont College.

St. Clairsville, OH (July 21, 2017) – Belmont College officials are pleased to announce that a $7.91 million-dollar overhaul of the Main Campus Building is currently underway.


The renovation of the 93,928-square foot building will include a complete roof replacement, with the exception of one section that was recently updated, as well as continued replacement and updating of the college’s HVAC and lighting systems. More than 620 lights on the interior will be converted to LED lighting, exterior lighting will also be upgraded. These updates will make the building more energy efficient, as the current systems are original to the building and have been in place since 1971.


Pictured (left to right): Members of the Belmont College Building Renovation Planning Committee: Kristy Kosky, Assistant to the President; Belinda Porter, Administrative Affairs & Policy Coordinator; and John Koucoumaris, Vice President of Administrative Affairs.

The original main campus building, built in 1971 for 1.3 million, was backed by a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission to fund construction. Over the years, additional square footage was added to the main building including: Learning Commons, Horizon Hall, the Student Success Center and the Applied Technology and Innovation Center (ATIC).


“This renovation project represents a milestone in the development of the Belmont College campus,” said Dr. Paul Gasparro, Belmont College President. “The impact of having updated facilities will be felt, not only by those students who will receive their education here in the future, but the community as well.”


The building renovation will also include adding a “one-stop” student services area for students. This update will involve creating one location for students to register and enroll for classes. The following offices will be in one centralized location after the completed renovation for maximum efficiency and better service to students: advising, business, financial aid, recruiting, records, career services, and workforce development.


“We want to make the enrollment experience more streamlined for our students,” said Gasparro. “It is my hope that by having a one-stop location for non-academic wraparound services and financial support we can play a valuable role in promoting higher education success for our students.”


The renovation is being performed by Project BEST and JD&E, overseen by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and designed by Perspectus Architecture.


Gasparro continued “We are pleased to be using local contractors and their employees on this project through Project BEST. Using local companies keeps our money in the local economy and helps our region grow and prosper.”


“The Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council and Project BEST are thrilled to have the opportunity to assist in the growth and expansion of Belmont College.  We sincerely appreciate Belmont College’s investment in utilizing local contractors and local labor. When we work cooperatively together the community and the college both benefit. Belmont College is committed to the Ohio Valley and we are grateful to partner with them as they continue to lead the college into the future and to build on its history of promoting academic excellence,” Ginny Favede OVCEC Executive Director and Project BEST Co-Chair.


The complete list of building updates includes the following:


  • HVAC & Lighting Phase II – The continuation of replacing portions of the Main Building’s HVAC equipment and upgrading lighting throughout the building.
  • Roof Replacement
  • Window and Door Replacement – Windows and exterior doors that remain from the original building built in 1971 will be replaced.
  • One-Stop – The offices for Advising, Financial Aid, Records, Recruiting, Career Services, Receptionist, Business, and Workforce Development will be reconfigured for maximum efficiency and better service for students. In conjunction, three outlying faculty offices will be relocated to the faculty suite area.
  • Bookstore relocation and update
  • Student Lounge – An updated student lounge and gaming area will be created and centralized for student use.
  • Boardroom – The college boardroom will be relocated between the administration wing and the new One-Stop.
  • Study Area – A quiet study area will be created specifically for group study and will be located near the Learning Commons.
  • Student Street – Student Street will receive cosmetic and directional upgrades.
  • Learning Commons – The Learning Commons will be redesigned to twenty first century library standards in technology, design, and functionality.
  • Door Hardware and Keying Replacement – The lock system upgrade will be completed for all doors, and card reader access will be added as needed.
  • Fascia Upgrade – The exterior fascia of the building will be enhanced.
  • Main Pedestrian Entrance – The addition of a main focal point to the pedestrian entrance and cosmetic changes to the main door will better define the main entrance of the building.
  • Generator – A new generator will provide backup to vital areas including servers for online access, HVAC equipment and emergency lighting.
  • Fire Alarm System – The fire alarm system will be evaluated to determine if it needs replaced whether due to age or code requirements generated by the project.


“The outcome for the project is to have a much more energy efficient building, as well as a main campus that reflects a positive and modern appearance for the college in order to be able to service our student population more efficiently,” said John Koucoumaris, Vice President of Administrative Affairs. “The plans which were developed have the ultimate goal of best serving our students. With the construction budget at $6.1 million, and half of the budget dedicated to creating an energy efficient building, the design team has worked with the college to select the ideal plan in order to maximize the budget.”


“We look forward to working with Belmont College on renovating their main campus building,” said Joe Miller, Project BEST Co-Chair. “We have much in common with the college as they provide training and skills for their students, much the same as we do our apprentices.  Also, by using Project BEST contractors who employ our local construction trades, Belmont College is spurring economic development in our valley.”


The project is set to be completed in January 2018.


The Belmont College Main Campus is located at 68094 Hammond Road, St. Clairsville, Ohio.


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