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News 2019

Belmont College Criminal Justice Students Observe Belmont County Court Proceedings

St. Clairsville, OH (April 24, 2019) – Students spent the day in Criminal Court and Adult Drug

First row (seated): Carly West; (standing left to right): Professor Desiree Lyonette, ESQ; Camie Shepherd; Erin Lance; Natalie Kolanski; Mason Suto; second row (left to right): Samantha Arigoni, Kevin Bennett; William Silber; Angela Meese; and Joseph Senakievich; Back row: Common Pleas Court Judge Frank Fregiato.

Court, with Common Pleas Court Judge Frank Fregiato, observing the various court proceedings, as well as toured the Belmont County Clerk of Courts with County Clerk Cynthia Fregiato, to learn about the types of filings handled for Belmont County Legal matters on the docket.


Professor Desiree Lyonette, shared that, “This is a great opportunity for students to see how our course material connects in Belmont County, and the Criminal Justice System. Surprisingly, students were amazed to see many individuals before the court, who attended the same high schools as they did. It was an eye opener, and a reality check exposing how quickly someone’s life can spin out of control when drugs are used.”


All students were required to write about their experience, and many expressed how the field trip benefitted them as Belmont College students.


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