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News 2020

Belmont College Receives Grant Funding to Purchase Updated Equipment for Workforce Development and Job Training

St. Clairsville, OH (February 27, 2020) – Belmont College is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Regionally Aligned Priorities in Delivering Skills (RAPIDS) grant in the amount of $250,000. Through the grant funding, Belmont plans to purchase healthcare and energy and advanced manufacturing equipment for the purpose of training students.

According to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Governor Mike DeWine, Chancellor Randy Gardner, and the Ohio legislature targeted $8 million in the most recent state operating budget to assist Ohio’s public universities, community colleges, and career technical centers in offering the most up-to-date education possible in an effort to provide a skilled workforce for in-demand jobs. The RAPIDS program was launched in 2014; these are among the fourth round of regional awards.  

“With the previous rounds of RAPIDS grants, we have seen how vital these awards are to preparing students for a successful future while strengthening the economy of the region and the state,” Chancellor Randy Gardner said. “I know this latest grant will be equally important in training Belmont students for careers in the healthcare and advanced manufacturing fields.”

The RAPIDS grant will enable Belmont to purchase high-tech medical simulation (SIM) mannequins for nursing and health science classes. These computerized SIM mannequins will allow health sciences students the ability to learn and develop skills they will need in the medial field. Simulation is meant to replicate aspects of the real world in an interactive manner that allows students to be immersed in the learning environment.

Additionally, the following equipment will be purchased for use in Energy and Advanced Manufacturing classes: WAZER Desktop Water Jet Cutter; Advanced Solar Array with Central Inverter; HACH Water Analyzers; as well as a Multi-Zone Building Energy Management Trainer. 

“We are appreciative for the support from the State of Ohio for the RAPIDS grants,” said Ed Mowrer, Operations Manager, Belmont College Energy Institute. “Funding from these grants has enabled us to upgrade the college’s lab facilities with high-tech equipment currently used in the manufacturing and healthcare fields. We are fully prepared to train our students for the careers that await them after graduation.”

Mowrer continued, “The area around Belmont College is going through a transition back to becoming a manufacturing area. With the advent of two Cracker plant in the local area, a renaissance of local manufacturing is projected. Belmont College is answering the need for trained industrial workers by enhancing its Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation and Control programs. These RAPID funds will allow us to expand our Advanced Manufacturing and Heavy Equipment programs and to purchase equipment for our health care programs that are being affected by the transitions caused by the recently announced hospital closures.”

The purpose of the RAPIDS grant is to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for use in learning laboratories specific to regional workforce needs. Belmont College was one of four Ohio Community Colleges to receive this grant award. The regional award, totaling $975,000, will be used to develop talent in the healthcare and advanced manufacturing fields.

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