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News 2014

News 2014



Belmont College to Offer Instrumentation and Control Associate Degree Program

Students in the Intro to Oil and Gas class recently toured a Dominion processing facility in Belmont County.

Students in the Intro to Oil and Gas class recently toured a Dominion processing facility in Belmont County.


St. Clairsville, OH (August 21, 2014) – Belmont College is pleased to announce the addition of a new industry specific program, titled Instrumentation and Control, as part of their Industrial Electronics degree. The new program was created to teach students the skills required by the manufacturing and energy industries such as: knowledge and practice in electronics, programmable logic controllers, instrumentation and process control integration.


According to Judy Sandstead, Director of Program Development, “The Instrumentation and Control associate degree program will provide students a choice for a career path with many options for jobs in the coal, electric, oil and gas industries.”


The Instrumentation and Control program, which supports industry needs in both manufacturing and oil and gas processing plants, places an emphasis on the automatic control of energy production and industrial processes using Programmable Logic Controls (PLC). Courses in this program include a strong component of practical applications, hand-on laboratory experiences, and the principles that focus on basic industrial processes.


Manufacturers and producers of almost every product depend on complex electronic equipment to control their facilities. Most industrial equipment contains electronic sensors, programmable controllers, and electrical devices which continuously monitor and direct the processes within the business.


Graduates of this program may be employed as technicians in installation, operations, maintenance, or sales and may work for employers in energy companies, oil and gas processing facilities, businesses, factories, mines, utilities, and primary metal mills. Field technicians travel to industrial sites to install, maintain, and repair customer equipment, while bench technicians work in repair shops located in service centers and factories. Technicians use diagnostic tools that measure a variety of parameters to maintain and repair equipment.


For more information about the Instrumentation and Control program, contact an enrollment services associate at 740.695.8516.


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