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News 2015


Belmont College Encourages Students to ‘Be Connected’ Through a New iPad

Sue White, Assistant Director of Nursing and Brenda Whipkey, Associate Degree Nursing student begin working with the new iPads.

Sue White, Assistant Director of Nursing and Brenda Whipkey, Associate Degree Nursing student begin working with the new iPads.


St. Clairsville, OH (June 17, 2015) Belmont College is pleased to announce a new college-wide Be Connected initiative that will be implemented for the fall 2015 semester – an iPad for every student, faculty and the majority of staff members for integration into every facet of student life from enrollment to graduation.


The purpose of Be Connected will be to encourage completion and retention, as well as to enhance the way Belmont College teaches and prepares students for the technology-driven careers that await them. The initiative will also support the college’s Sustainability Program, as it will greatly reduce the need/cost for books, printing and paper supplies.


“The main focus of the Be Connected initiative is to put the proper technology into the hands of our students while remaining accessible and affordable at the same time,” said Dr. Paul F. Gasparro, Belmont College President. “We hope that this initiative will bring a whole new level of knowledge and experience for our students. iPads will not only keep information organized and available, but they will also enable interactive and engaged learning experiences, as well as make learning accessible from any location, at any time.”


An important benefit of iPad is the mobility and versatility of the device; students will have the ability to use their iPad anywhere on campus, in the classroom, during internships, and in the field, providing them endless ways to learn new concepts and express their creativity. iPads are powerful educational tools that can run over 80,000 education apps from word processing to note taking — apps designed especially for iPad — that cover a wide range of subjects and needs for every grade level and learning style. iPads offer a much higher degree of portability for students on the go – a fact that students with a backpack full of books can appreciate.


“Throwing technology at programs for the sake of technology alone never works,” President Gasparro added. “This Be Connected initiative is a well-developed plan that incorporates right-sized mobile technology into every corner of the college and uses iPad to leverage our already solid academic degrees and technical training.”


President Gasparro went on to say, “We believe that in order to maximize our technology-based programs, access must be universal for all students and faculty. We are, at the heart, still a technical college, and this initiative is an ideal fit for our institution and our students.”


The college will be working, not only with students, but also faculty and staff to provide on-going professional development sessions to help them remain effective and diligent in supporting the initiative well into the future.


According to Dave Mertz, Building Preservation/Restoration Program Chair and Faculty Council Chair, “Be Connected demonstrates the progressive nature of the faculty and staff at Belmont College. Using technology such as iPads in the classroom is about student engagement; it’s about students being a part of the learning process instead of just being recipients of information.”


“This initiative will change the way our students are educated,” said Sue White, Assistant Director of Nursing. “Specifically for nursing students, this development will affect not only the way content is delivered in the classroom, but also in simulation and clinical settings. The use of iPads in the classroom will facilitate how students and faculty generate content, collaborate, stay connected, and communicate both online and within the physical space of a classroom. It is our hope that Be Connected will help improve learning outcomes and, ultimately, allow our students to be prepared as better nurses.”


The college will begin implementation of the Be Connected initiative in fall 2015 and students, faculty, and staff will have an iPad in-hand by spring 2016. Students will be permitted to utilize their iPad provided they are enrolled in classes and show progression towards program completion.

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