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Underground Coal Mining Courses

The Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration require 40 hours as a minimum number of training hours.  However, individual states have the right to require more than the federal minimum, which is the case for West Virginia.  As a result, Belmont College now offers 80 hours of training comprised of two courses.

You will receive three hours of college credit for each course successfully completed.  After successful completion, you will earn the federal certification.  If you would like to earn the WV Apprentice card, you need to enroll in the Introduction to Mining (MIN1110) course and the Mining Law and Safety (MIN2200) course (a total of 6 college credit hours) and pass a West Virginia state test.  The fee for the test is $10, payable to the test administrator from West Virginia on the day of the test.

Certification is based on the number of hours attended and for certain required safety topics.  As a result there is a strict attendance policy.  If you are not there, we cannot certify you.  If you do not believe that you can attend 90% of the course, then it is recommended that you wait for the next course.

Please realize that you are registering for a college course.  If you change your mind about your courses after you have registered, you must see an advisor to withdraw from the course or you will be charged.  Payment is due when registration is made.  Each course is limited to 25 students per federal regulations.

Tuition fee per class (3 credit hours): $429.00
Course fee per class: $ 30.00
Total fee per class: $459.00
Total fee for both classes: $918.00
Student life fee per semester: $ 10.00
Total fee for both classes (6 credit hours): $928.00

If you are a veteran, check with your Veteran Employment Representative at your local Job and Family Services Office for financial aid.  If you are already a credit student enrolled in a degree program, check with the Belmont College Financial Aid Office.  If you reside in West Virginia, check with the Work 4 WV Office in Warwood, WV.

Requirements for Coal Mining Class Registration:

  1. Complete a free college application.
  2. Arrange for all high school, GED, and/or college transcripts to be mailed directly to the Belmont College Records Department.
  3. Make an appointment with an advisor to register for the Coal Mining class.

For more information regarding the start dates of the next class please call the Workforce Development and Community Education Department at 740.699.3869.


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