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Current Student FAQ’s

Q. What does it mean when the college has a delay or cancellation?

A.  Classes appearing on the Class Schedule are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment. The minimum enrollment amount will be established by the College. Classes with less than the minimum enrollment may continue as scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Dean of Academic Affairs and Program Chairs.


For more information regarding delays/cancellations visit Campus Safety & Security Weather/Unforeseen Circumstances.  

Q. Where do I go to get a copy of my transcript?

A. Records Office – You will need to fill out a transcript request form

Q. I need to see my advisor but I don’t know who they are.

A. Each Academic Advisor has their own program specialties. If you know what your program is, you can determine who your advisor is. You may also contact 740.699.3810 to schedule an appointment.   

Q. What does “R” mean on the schedule?

A. Each day of the week has its own code in our semester schedules. 

  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday
  • S = Saturday
  • U = Sunday 

Q. What does “SCIEN” and “NSCIE” mean on my schedule?

A. “SCIEN” = Science and Engineering building which is located on OUE’s campus just next to their gymnasium. “NSCIE” = Natural Science building which is located just over the hill across the street from the main entrance to Belmont College.

Q. Where do I find my instructor? What is my instructor’s office number/mailbox number? What are my instructors’ office hours?

A. Each instructor should hand out a syllabus the very first day of classes. The syllabus should list the instructor’s office hours and the best way to contact them is. Also located in the Academic Offices is a blue binder which lists each instructor’s schedule during the week as well as office hours (if they are full time faculty). Mailboxes are located on the Main Campus in the Academic Office area.  

Q. When I cannot make it to class due to illness, family emergency, etc. whom do I contact?

A. It is the students’ responsibility to contact their instructor if they are not going to be in class that day. Contact for instructors should be on the syllabus given on the first day of class. This way, the student can find out what they will be missing in class and what they need to make up.

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Students: Check your email for important course information.