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News 2022

Belmont College’s Trustees Scholarship Saves Local Graduates Thousands

St. Clairsville, OH (July 21, 2022) – As local students prepare for their senior year and upcoming high school graduation, families may have many important college decisions ahead. These decisions are coming at a time when higher education costs continue to increase, and many parents and students wonder how they will pay for a college education. To help local students receive a college education, Belmont College established the Trustees Scholarship to make higher education more affordable and accessible for students who reside in Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe Counties.
The Trustees Scholarship at Belmont College offers a tuition-only award to students after other forms of need-based financial aid have been applied.
According to Dr. Paul Gasparro, President “At Belmont College, we strive to make college affordable for our students, so that emphasis can be placed on academics instead of how to pay for tuition. Whether their destination is the workforce or an advanced degree, starting at Belmont College enables Trustees Scholarship recipients the opportunity to benefit from lower costs and easy transferability to a four-year institution for degree completion.”
Comprehensive community colleges, such as Belmont, are a less expensive alternative to many higher priced four-year institutions. From the 1989/90 through the 2021/22 academic years, Belmont has awarded more than $10.8 million to local students through the Trustees Scholarship.
“While all colleges and universities will have to continue to address the constant concerns regarding cost and student debt, the certainty remains that community colleges exemplify value in higher education,” continued Gasparro. “By providing affordable educational offerings, community colleges such as Belmont, can prepare students to enter successful careers or transfer to four-year institutions to complete a bachelor’s degree. Belmont represents a great educational opportunity for students without sinking below a mountain of debt. With small class sizes, convenient scheduling options, and committed faculty members, we are a smart choice for students.”
High school graduates must meet eligibility requirements in order to receive the Trustees Scholarship, meaning that they must enroll full time at Belmont College for the summer, fall or spring semester immediately following their graduation.
Some of the fastest growing career fields such as nursing, radiology, HVAC, business, and information systems employ Belmont College graduates. The College offers not only certificate and degree programs in the areas of building preservation/restoration; business; early childhood education; engineering technology; health sciences; industrial trades; information technology and public safety, but also the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees which allow students the ability to transfer their credits towards a bachelor’s degree at four-year institutions.
In addition to the Trustees Scholarship, Belmont has a long list of other available scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid Office to incoming freshmen and/or transfer students, as well as current students. Additionally, some scholarships are awarded by various departments of the College on the basis of students’ majors and/or special abilities.
For more information about scholarships at Belmont, call 740.695.9500 or visit
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